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Time Share Go informs that the platform accommodates professionals and individuals in the industry who want to sell, rent or share ownership.
Time share Go announces that it is NOT aware of the negotiations that take place between professionals and prospective buyers or usufruitori Realty in publication, and then, for any legal or legal disputes, the TIME SHARE GO administrators consider themselves exempt from ANY discord, due negotiations to purchase or rent.

Time Share GO is a commercial showcase of properties offered to the public, which are submitted by professionals and agencies recognized the marketplace Time Share GO, followed by private talks with professionals and agencies enrolled at the same platform.

Any use of the Time Share GO platform incorrectly, by professionals and / or agencies and / or users, will result in immediate suspension of the offending account.

@Timeshare GO 2020 is a project of WORLD DEVELOPERS LTD, Suite LP38796, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London - N1 7GU, who also holds the rights.